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May 2019 Results


FULL RESULTS: Australian Solo Piping Championships and R U Brown Piobaireachd Society Competition 2019

Piobaireachd Events
Clasp for Former Gold Medal Winners
1st: Brett Tidswell
2nd: Peter Hewlett
3rd: Ross Campbell

Gold Medal
1st: Dennis Browning 
2nd: James Wansink
3rd: Liz Drury

Silver Medal
1st: James Wansink 
2nd: Craig Mackenzie 
3rd: David Stulpner

Bronze Medal
1st: William McArthur
2nd: David Stulpner  
3rd: Abby Dalziel

Australian Solo Piping Championship Ceol Beag
A Grade MSR
1st: Josh Chandler
2nd: James Wansink
3rd: Christopher McLeish

A Grade H/Jig
1st: Josh Chandler
2nd: Ainsley Hart
3rd: Liz Drury
Aggregate A Grade Champion: Josh Chandler

B Grade MSR
1st: James Wansink 
2nd: Shannon Ritchie 
3rd: Graham Durant-Law

B Grade H/Jig
1st: Shannon Ritchie 
2nd: James Wansink
3rd: Jerermiah Doecke
Aggregate B Grade Champion: James Wansink

C Grade Marches
1st: Liam Nicholson
2nd: William McArthur
3rd: Angas Evans

C Grade MSR
1st: Liam Nicholson
2nd: Angas Evans
3rd: William McArthur
Aggregate C Grade Champion: Liam Nicholson

D Grade Marches:
1st: Sebastian Mignot
2nd: Liam Nicholson
3rd: Erin Dougan-Kittel

D Grade Air:
1st: Sebastian Mignot
2nd: William Mulligan
3rd: Bryce Pearse
Aggregate D Champion: Sebastian Mignot